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How to Make e-Learning System Accessible   SUBRAMANIAM ARUNACHALAM

How to Make e-Learning System Accessible

92 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
e-Learning is the delivery of learning and training using electronic media. With the rapid development of computer, internet technology embedded with the multimedia, the interest of e-Learning through WWW has become more popular amongst the students and academic institutions worldwide. The demand for e-Learning will continue to rise with the quantity of the information available,more user friendliness, ease of access and high level security provided by these systems. The research reported in this book analyses e-Learning systems and examines how it works with Mobile Technology. The research involved in developing a simple and easy accessible e- Learning system using software development languages that provide a practical framework to this project. As an assistant to the development of this system, some of the currently available e-Learning systems have been considered to examine how the e-learning systems work. Case studies have been used to identify the weaknesses...
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