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Domain names   Radka MacGregor Pelikanova

Domain names

280 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work presents a comprehensive collection of interdisciplinary information about Internet domain names and their massive importance, especially for business. The information was obtained via complex and comparative research activities among a number of fields and branches, their analysis and critical evaluation. The foundation stone is the correct perception of domain names and their often omitted, misunderstood and under-evaluated potential to be an indispensable and extremely valuable component and instrument of activities throughout the world. A good address on the Internet is important for all, businesspeople as well as consumers and other stakeholders. The ultimate dual goals of this book are to confirm the hypothesis that domain names are hugely significant property, especially for business, and that a tremendously important and voluminous business is done through and with them, and, secondly, to also help with selecting them and placing a value on them... “This monograph is...
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