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Trend Dynamics Part 1   Ernesto A. Strazza

Trend Dynamics Part 1

116 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
This first part provides a new perspective in trend analysis with the acknowledgement of individuals as carriers of trends and susceptible to be influenced simultaneously by a trend’s perceived significance and by external effects (media, peers, society, etc.), which reshape individuals’ trend preferences according to the type, direction, and strength of the stimuli received. Internet trends are considered elements that carry the knowledge that shift actors’ behavior, altering their preferences, values and beliefs. Since trends can change a person’s conduct, they will also shape their progression of preferences. They have the capability to accumulate information on what individuals care about, how their inclinations have been altered and which new interests have the potential to draw their attention. If a set of features of products and services trigger similar choices of the same products and services by unrelated individuals, this will denote the presence of a unique attribute or...
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