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Corporate Disclosure Through Web   Manjinder Singh

Corporate Disclosure Through Web

348 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With all global eyes on India and its corporate power,and foreign companies on a prowl in the country, the reporting practices adopted by Indian companies have gone for a sea change. IT induced changes in corporate reporting in the contours of a developing economy like India, touted to be the next super power, are attempted to be explored and analyzed in this book. The book unfolds three important dimensions related to corporate disclosures through web; namely extent and nature of disclosure, significant determinants and perception of investors towards these disclosures. Data culled on these issues through exhaustive questionnaires has been analyzed using sophisticated analytical techniques to arrive at logical conclusions. Pertinent issues associated with corporate disclosures through web having wider ramifications have also been incorporated into the text. IFR index and the survey instrument have been included as appendices to throw light on finer details related to broad theme. The...
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