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Growth factors of Service based Internet Commerce   Mohammed Asif Iqbal

Growth factors of Service based Internet Commerce

64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Challenges to overcome: 1 Trust Concerns: The lack of trust between buyer and seller has been hindering the growth of Internet commerce in the South Asian markets. The payment procedure processes should be improved in order to increase the market size. We have suggested few payment procedures which will be in line with the policies of the South Asia. 2 Setting up Accounts: We have addressed the problems which are faced by the customers and also recommended alternative measures that will enhance the possibility of growth in South Asian markets. 3 Culture: Culture is the behaviours and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic or age group. The culture of South Asia is very strong and people are rooted to it.This culture should be included in the workflow process of digital services in south Asia. 4 Customer Care: Customer satisfaction is the first priority of any business; if the business is over internet then it is more important since the customer...
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