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Kylie: Showgirl: The Unofficial Biography!   Bryony Sutherland, Lucy Ellis

Kylie: Showgirl: The Unofficial Biography!

230x290 128 страниц. 2002 год.
Omnibus Press
Today "Kylie" is virtually a brand - an object of fascination for men and women all over the world and a pop queen with sales of 30 million including 35 top ten hits. But when Australia's tiny Kylie Ann Minogue became a teenage star in Neighbours, nobody expected her fame to last 12 months, let alone take her into the showbiz stratosphere. Her father says she makes the most of what she's got and has the knack of always being in the right place at the right time. She simply says "I guess I'm attainable." In fact Kylie got to the top and stayed there through sheer hard work and determination. Here is the story of her amazing life in words and pictures, including: the Neighbors days... her affair with Jason Donovan... the Eighties hits... the indie years... Disco revisited. Here too is the inside story of the many famous relationships, including the passionate affair with doomed Michael Hutchence and subsequent flings with South African model Zane...
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