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Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011): Queen of the Silver Screen   Ian Lloyd

Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011): Queen of the Silver Screen

2012 год.
A photographic collection tracing Elizabeth's life in all its intensity, through movies, marriages, and charity work—including never before seen personal photographs A movie star from the age of 12, Elizabeth Taylor was known for her luminous beauty, radiant star quality, and undeniable acting prowess. This collection of photos pays tribute to the actress and celebrity, who was also known for her love of large diamonds and full-on living, and for notching up seven husbands. In all respects, she exhibited a unique lust for life, and her greatest movie triumphs were those in which she has was able to give rein to her blend of kitten-like siren and wild force of nature—including Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, the latter with her longest-lasting and arguably most compatible husband, Richard Burton. For all the artifice of her life, there was a natural quality to her and, perhaps more than any other actress, the magic of her star has never faded. This book...
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