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My Swiss Cows   Andreas C. Struder

My Swiss Cows

2012 год.
What a wonderful idea: a book about cows! And what a labor of love! Only a child of the mountains knows what a calming effect the ringing of cow bells has on stressed spirits.'Markus Lanz, television host.Cows are special animals to Andreas C. Studer. Ever since he was a boy growing up with cows in Interlaken, he has been fascinated by these peaceful creatures. High-quality products like savory cheese, fresh butter and bitter melting milk chocolate would be impossible without their milk. While photographing he has discovered many beautiful unknown locations in Switzerland, as well as meeting many Swiss cows. Attracted to their passive temperment he has included descriptions of idyllic country life and how good it is to be a Swiss cow.Text in English, French and German.
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