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Time in Flux: From Basel to Rotterdam on a Container Ship   Sabine Theil

Time in Flux: From Basel to Rotterdam on a Container Ship

2013 год.
One of the continent's main transport routes, the Rhine winds through the heart of Europe from the Alps to the North Sea. Thousands of goods are loaded, transported and handled on the Rhine. The photographer Elke Fischer and the author Sabine Theil experienced this enormous trade route in a very special way: they traveled together on board a container freight ship from Basel to Rotterdam - the largest sea port in Europe. Along the way they received an entirely new perspective of the venerable river that glides past idyllic vineyards and through the legendary Valley of the Loreley on its way to advanced international transport centers.The texts and images that they brought back from their journey offer an authentic glimpse into the realm of containers, locks, powerful cranes and gigantic port facilities. In the process the two authors discovered a unique world full of technological wonders, breathtaking industrial scenes and of utterly impressive human achievements, cooperation and...
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