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Photographers   Michael Pritchard


2012 год.
An extravagant photographic history of photographers and their cameras. Featuring over a century of striking images, this beautiful volume celebrates the men and women behind the lens. It showcases known, unknown and celebrity photographers with their cameras: at work, in candid snaps and posed self- portraits. An array of photographic styles and influences are represented, capturing some of the most celebrated names in photography, including Robert Capa, Weegee, Margaret Bourke-White, Philippe Halsman, Dennis Stock, David Bailey, Bill Cunningham and Annie Liebovitz. This magnificent tome includes many unseen images and all are reproduced to the very finest quality yet seen in print. The book has been produced in collaboration with Getty Images: one of the world's leading and most respected photographic archives. In addition, the photographs and details of the different cameras used are brought alive by accompanying text from one of the world's leading photographic specialists,...
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