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Pictures from the Surface of the Earth   Wim Wenders

Pictures from the Surface of the Earth

215x210 136 страниц. 2006 год.
Wim Wenders, whose description as filmmaker, writer, photographer and traveler is still inadequate, has for years carried round an old panoramic camera that has come in handy when the extent or impressive nature of experience is beyond normal measure. And with as passionate a keen-sighted person as Wenders, that is frequently the case: landscapes stretch into infinity, horizons divide the world into water, earth and air, deserts and mountain ranges are overwhelming in their emptiness and silence, street fronts, whether in Havana, Houston, Texas or Berlin, draw our gaze to the very depths of civilization, or to the abyss of horror and destruction as at Ground Zero shortly after September 11, 2001. Wenders has called his collection "Pictures from the Surface of the Earth" and is referring to images of a world that is created - and destroyed - by both nature and mankind, observed from a certain distance, and mostly empty. They include landscapes, views of cities, of architecture and...
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