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Nikon 1 J1/V1 For Dummies

320 страниц. 2013 год.
This book offers new Nikon 1 owners a guide on how to apply the tools of their new camera to take better photos. The full color instruction assumes no photography background as it offers instruction equivalent to what you might receive in an introductory digital photography course. Content includes: Part I - Fast Tracks to Super Snaps: info on the camera controls, lenses, shooting in auto mode and in video mode Part II - Working with Picture Files: guides readers on how to handle photo files, from selecting the best format to getting images to a computer Part III - Taking Creative Control: an overview of the cameras exposure, color, and lighting controls that affect how a photo looks. Also covers how to apply these tools to shooting portraits, landscapes, close ups, action shots, and other popular photo types. Part IV - The Part of Tens: advice on touching up photos and out-of-the-ordinary controls worth exploring.
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