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Why It Does not Have to Be in Focus: Modern Photography Explained   Jackie Higgins

Why It Does not Have to Be in Focus: Modern Photography Explained

145x205 224 страниц. 2013 год.
Thames and Hudson Limited
Photography long ago ceased to be exclusively a medium for accurately presenting what is in front of the photographer. But from out-of-focus images to photographs of photographs, an apparent lack of technique can still often be mistaken for a lack of artistk sophistication. In WHY IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN FOCUS, Jackie Higgins explains the artistry behind 100 key works of modern photography, revealing their hidden layers of emotional expression and the complex processes involved in their composition. Discover how photographs can blur the lines between fantasy and reality, and how they capture the fluidity of time. Above all, find out why there's so much more to the art of photography than "point and click".
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