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  Dawn Ades, Barry Schwabsky

Tapies from Within, 1945-2011

232 страниц. 2014 год.
Tapies from Within presents about 100 works from the artist's studio and from the Fundacio Antoni Tapies collection. Accompanying a major touring exhibition in Europe, it guides us through Tapies' entire career, from the first Surrealist-inspired paintings of the 1940s, produced during his participation in the Dau al Set group, to works made shortly before his death in 2011. Thanks to the collaboration of the Tapies family, Tapies from Within offers the most intimate portrait yet published of the painter's working environs, reproducing for the first time works that had remained virtually unseen or even unknown. As this volume makes plain, from almost the outset Tapies was committed to a materialist vision of materials and forms, which in the 1950s led him to make the celebrated "matter" paintings that earned him his international reputation. Rubble, mud, oil stains and graffiti all made their way onto Tapies' canvases, which proposed abstraction as a "concretion" of the world rather...
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