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The Reinvention of the Original   Bo Byrkjeland

The Reinvention of the Original

240 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
This work examines the literary self-translations of Maria Luisa Bombal and Rosario Ferre, two authors who have translated a substantial part of their own writing, either from Spanish into English or vice versa. Numerous critics have “managed” Bombal’s and Ferre’s literary output by deciding that one version of a text is better or more beautiful or less consumerist than the other. They have thus effectively circumvented the problems raised by the existence of two imperfectly matched versions. However, both versions are, this study contends, equally valid and equally worthy of attention. This poses a serious problem for teachers and students of literature, a problem that cannot be ignored, and much less “solved,” by dismissing one version as consumerist while elevating the other as art, which there has been a tendency to do in the literature on Bombal and Ferre. This study is critical of the general tendency in the scholarship on these two authors. It defends the view that any...
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