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Strategy Research in ELT: The Benefits for the Teacher   Ivana Cirkovic Miladinovic

Strategy Research in ELT: The Benefits for the Teacher

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book Strategy research in ELT: the benefits for the teacher is the result of struggling with issues of language learning and teaching. In my school and university experience, most of the foreign language instruction and teaching was in the grammar-translation mode, consisting of memorized word lists and fill-in the gaps exercises and no real interaction in the language. The communication and speaking skills were rarely practiced. Those teachers who did care about communication knew little or nothing about how to help their students to communicate and use the language in both written and spoken form. By the time I became a language teacher, R. Oxford (1990) and A. D. Cohen (1998) brought language learning strategies on stage. Based on the idea of learner self-direction, LLS are beginning to command attention around language classrooms in all levels. Having this in mind, this study aims to explore language learning strategy research in the Serbian university classroom in addition...
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