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Mother Nature's Tongue:   Ebahim Zarin Shoja

Mother Nature's Tongue:

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
“What is the point of teaching/learning English or any other subject when we are oblivious to safekeeping the beautiful natural world that God has entrusted us? What is the point of teaching/learning foreign languages when we are still foreigners to the language of our hearts and of our Mother Nature?” “Mother Nature’s Tongue” is the narrative description of a young English teacher’s attempts to clear his vision of education; a vision that was previously blurred by dominant compartmentalized traditional education. It describes how this teacher’s environmental awareness was transformed in his childhood, and how he makes lemonades from lemons of his limitations and challenges in a test-driven traditional schooling system in Iran to promote his students’ environmental awareness. This book provides fresh insights into holistic language education and it contains some practical ideas for those educators who want to set their goals beyond the means like methods, materials, language...
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