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Opponent Voices:Robert Bly and Faz?l Husnu Daglarca   Safak Altunsoy

Opponent Voices:Robert Bly and Faz?l Husnu Daglarca

144 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study evaluates the political and protesting discourse by means of nature, color and death imagery in The Light Around the Body by Robert Bly, one of the most effective and leading poets of America and Our Vietnam War (trans. Mufit Bilyap, 1967) by Faz?l Husnu Daglarca, an idiosyncratic voice who has been the paragon of innovation and experiments in Turkish poetry. The comparative study on two poets points out a common response melted in the pot of ‘human' without any ethnic, racial or national discrimination to a historical war in which ‘human' is threatened by endless worries, starvation, instability and tyranny. The study aiming to contribute to the familiarity of two different literatures, also tries to demonstrate through nature, color and death that the self bears many similar attitudes with the other and thus underlines hollowness of the war.
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