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Verbal Morphology of Gedeo   Mathewos W. Giorgis

Verbal Morphology of Gedeo

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Many years ago morphology was an ignored aspect in linguistics. Recently it has become a great interest of linguists. It is defined as the concern of word formation in different uses and constructions. Today, where the interest to study morphology is increasing, this work is appearing consisting of an interesting aspect of a specific language, namely Gedeo which is one of the Ethiopian languages. It is spoken in the Southern part of the country and is from a Cushitic family in afro-aesthetic phylum. Of the different aspects of morphology only verb morphology is the main focus of this work. To establish a good ground before its analysis, the overview of phonological sketch is discussed briefly. Then verb inflection, verb derivation, and negation of independent verb form and derived verb form are treated to a wider extent than the works presented before now. The provided information here may be used as an important input for related or other studies directly and indirectly. Therefore,...
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