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Improving and Using Communication Skills   Haruni Julius Machumu and Dominik Thabit Msabila

Improving and Using Communication Skills

176 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
University students must be creative and innovative in their life at the University. Improving and Using Communication Skills is a must read book intended to build a long lasting knowledge and skills including citation and quotations, writing and reading skills, term papers and scientific research writing tactics, presentation skills and time management. The book exhausts variety of study and communication skills worth for students and their educators. The book addresses other issues like referencing, public speaking, and essay writing skills. The book is instructional and purely educative to students who take their first exposure to university teaching and learning. Experienced teachers and students of higher degree will also find this book of most significance to their academic ladder. At least all kinds of assignments done at university are discussed and well-elaborated.The book is rich with examples of different assignments to make someone to feel value of money employed.
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