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The White Man's Dilemma in John Maxwell Coetzee's Fiction   Neuvic Kalmar Malembanie

The White Man's Dilemma in John Maxwell Coetzee's Fiction

72 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Independence movement in Africa was followed by the collapse of the colonizer's political power that controlled all the resources, the econonomy and politics in Africa, a situation which forced a new African elite to seize back the control of their countries by chasing white folks from power. But, this change of regime provoked many tensions between the departing white leaders who attempted to remain in power while they faced new African leaders determined to bring change in their countries dominated long ago by white supremacy. Thus, this clash brought about many situations of dilemma among white men living within African communities as well as the Africans themselves. However, the main focus in this work is just an attempt to scrutinize some of these situations of dilemma white men have been facing in South Africa, as Coetzee would depict them in his novels Waiting for the Barbarians and Disgrace.
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