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Literary Dialect in the Victorian Novel   Ilhem Mortad-Serir

Literary Dialect in the Victorian Novel

360 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work is thrilling in the sense that it relates literature to linguistics,rhetorics to dialect and art to sociolinguistics; The very thrill in it is its adoption to the interdisciplinary approach that mingles between distinct disciplines keeping the supremacy of logic far away from distortion. Accordingly, the book's gist relates to rhetorical use of dialect in literature which has become an emergent phenomenon in different literatures endeavouring to situate a character within a geographical location, ethnic group, educational level, social class, and others. Further, dialectal variation has many rhetorical effects as to show humour, degree of intimacy, age of a generation, nostalgia, solidarity of group, and belonging to a community; but our worry, in this research, is to show how can a writer of the standard deal with literature a discipline highly humane and, in the meanwhile, embrace dialectal variations in objective ways; the dilemma is set between preserving the text...
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