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Strategies for English-Chinese Translation of Children’s Literature   Chengfei Ying

Strategies for English-Chinese Translation of Children’s Literature

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Is it a piece of cake to translate children's literature works well? If you think "Yes", you are absolutely wrong.As a matter of fact,translation of children's literature is as difficult as, if not more difficult than, that for adults. The difficulty lies in the unique demand from child readers who expect wonderful works with dramatic plots, lifelike characters, vivid pictures but no difficult and complicated language.This requires that a good translator has to successfully finish the task of meaning transference in a way child readers prefer but not the translator himself likes. This thesis is especially written to study in depth what strategies are effective when translating Englsih children's literature works into Chinese. The author shows the equal respect to the original authors and target child readers. She provides ways of analyzing original texts and generalizes child reads' mentality, psychological characteristics and language capability. By analyzing examples from classic...
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