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Linking Culture and Language Learning   Blair Bateman

Linking Culture and Language Learning

184 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Culture learning is now seen as an integral part of foreign language learning, yet language students may hold less-than-positive attitudes toward the target culture and toward culture learning itself. This qualitative case study examines the use of ethnographic interviews as a tool for promoting culture learning and attitude change. University students in a first-year Spanish course worked in pairs to conduct a series of three ethnographic interviews with a native speaker of Spanish. Learning outcomes reported by students included (a) an increased knowledge of Hispanic cultures, (b) enhanced attitudes toward Spanish speakers and Hispanic cultures, (c) enhanced competencies in communicating with people of other cultures, and (d) an increased awareness of their own culture. The study identifies factors that contribute to making the interviews a positive experience for students, and concludes with a list of tips for implementing similar projects. An invaluable resource for foreign...
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