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Reading Comprehension   Abbas Ali Zarei,Ramin Rahmany and Sepide Shakoori Neya

Reading Comprehension

108 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The reading skill is one of the most important and useful skills in language learning, particularly in EFL contexts. Finding more effective ways of improving this crucial skill has always been a major concern of teachers and educators, though every teacher and educator has looked at reading from their own perspective. Some have focused on vocabulary as an indispensable element. Others have shifted their attention toward how words are combined to form sentences within a text. Still others have moved beyond the level of sentence and emphasized discourse level features. Depending on their general view of reading, the proponents of each school of thought have developed different types of activities. The aim of this book is to compare the effectiveness of vocabulary, syntax, and discourse-oriented activities on L2 reading comprehension.
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