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The selected novels of Amitav Ghosh: A study   Bavanasi Deepa

The selected novels of Amitav Ghosh: A study

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
About the book This book is definitely worth a read which aims to explore the deeper aspects of Amitav Ghosh's commitment as a writer and as a humanist. He is one of the most talented writers of Indo-Anglian scene who made a solid contribution to the Indo-Anglian fiction with different themes and techniques. He explores the small underlining and universal truth of life. The device of the narrator's dual vision makes the novel a kind of palimpsest, in which events are scrawled over with later reflections in an attempt to capture meaning, it also allows Gosh to dramatise the full task of a historian. He discloses his intention in a moment early in the novel but late in the story's chronology. Gosh portrays the Conflict between reason and superstition, mind and feeling, collective and individual. Gosh not just as a writer of fiction but also a keen traveller, a diligent researcher, a social anthropologist and a social historian.
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