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Literary Criticism   Joseph Jayraj,John Britto and Paul Pragash

Literary Criticism

120 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
•One of the main reasons why many students are scared of literary criticism is that it has been presented in a difficult and complicated style of language, characterized by lengthy sentences and paragraphs and an enormous amount of jargons without adequate explanation. Hence, an utmost care has been taken to simplify the language to a great extent that even slow learners will be able to read and understand this book. •Equal attention has been paid to make the ideas also simple and easy. •To enable the readers to remember what they read, the ideas have been summarized without omission of the key factors, and sub-divisions have been sufficiently made. •The book is based on authentic materials. •The materials are well-graded. •The book is linguistically and ideologically comprehensible to the students. •It is a useful book which caters to the needs of the classes of mixed abilities (from slow learners to the high flyers). •It is learner-centered and promotes learner’s autonomy. •The...
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