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Politics of Hegemony and Denial   Phanindra Upadhyaya

Politics of Hegemony and Denial

128 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book analyzes the power dynamics of policy documents and government sponsored textbooks in Nepal It looks into the rhetoric of language policies and planning in Nepal and shows how such rhetoric has shaped the overall linguistic, ethno-linguistic, and educational scenario, both overtly and covertly. Though my research basically focuses on critical discourse analysis (CDA) of texts and context of Nepal, it has a very wide appeal, as the scenario around the world, in both the new and the old democracies, is almost the same, as far as the hidden agendas behind the dominant discourse are concerned. Researchers,teachers and scholars who consistently strive to create and impart knowledge that questions, knowledge that both settles and unsettles, and knowledge that discovers, invents and inquires, will be highly benefitted by this book. This book appeals to all the concerned citizens of any society that reimagining of a nation state that is sincere towards addressing the multiplicity...
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