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Emotional Intelligence , Anxiety, and Listening Comprehension   Mohammad Reza Valizadeh

Emotional Intelligence , Anxiety, and Listening Comprehension

128 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the emergence of EI, the one-dimensional definition and the role of intelligence in an individuals’ success were revised. Unlike the traditional beliefs about intelligence, IQ proved to be a weak predictor of how well we relate with others and cope with a wide variety of daily challenges. Different disciplines and fields of study started off drawing on the genuine and vigorous findings of psychological breakthroughs in the realm of emotional intelligence theory. The realm of language teaching and learning was not an exception; some scholars in the field began to benefit from the findings of EI in the language learning and teaching context. Regarding the importance of emotional intelligence and the role of EI in controlling a phenomenon like anxiety which is a hindering factor in listening comprehension, finding relationships between foreign language listening anxiety and emotional intelligence along with listening comprehension as Cindrella receptive skill would be of high...
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