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Using Extensive Reading to Promote Reading Capability in Low Achievers   SHOBA RAO

Using Extensive Reading to Promote Reading Capability in Low Achievers

252 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The work ''Using Extensive Research to Promote Reading Capability in Low Achievers'' is a topic that is relevant today. The topic was chosen with relevance to extensive reading habit done by students in the school where the researcher was then a high school teacher. It was observed that very few students read extensively though extensive reading is one of the goals of teaching English at the high school level. Besides, it was the view of teachers in the study that students who do not take to reading extensively perform poorly in exams that are conducted throughout the year. As they read they wrote their responses in the reader''s journals that they maintained. It was found that students who read extensively maintained extensive journal and their language was good with less number of errors whereas students who did not read extensively poorly maintained the reader''s journals and showed less interest in the reading programs and in their studies as well. Therefore, this study was very...
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