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Problems of Translation   Hassan El Hemaly

Problems of Translation

576 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Throughout ages translation has had a vital role to play in bridging gaps amongst people from various countries and civilizations and in enhancing mutual understanding amongst human beings but the process of translation from a language to another may face some problems which are to be identified and solved so as to minimize the loss in meaning conveyed to the reader of the target language text from a message sent in a source language text. This book has preferred to adopt “Communicative Translation” concept rather than “Semantic Translation” as it is concerned with the target reader affirming that he should not be left receiving an ambiguous message. Though the applied study is done on Swahili social texts and their English Translation, yet Conclusions are applicable to translation from any language to another and they should be especially useful for academic students and researchers interested in the study of translation, language, literature, culture and civilization. Professional...
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