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Political Critical Thoughts in Kushwant Singh and Chaman Nahal Works   Sankar Ganesan

Political Critical Thoughts in Kushwant Singh and Chaman Nahal Works

104 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This Book focuses on Political turbulance on Indian Writing in English ,similarly the two great political writer"s Kushwant Singh and Chaman Nahal writings. while it reveals two novels of them, that are Train to Pakistan and Azadi. The novels under discussion are repetitive in their descriptions.They admit that all communities are equally guilty of the holocaust and all have an inherent evil element in them. Here it must also be noted that all novelists irrespective of their religion or community condemn the British rulers for their divisive politics and their inherent egocentricity and judiciousness. They do not fail in exposing the routine corruption on the part of government machinery - the officers, police and even the military personnel. They also blame the selfish leaders for their act of betrayal of the people and bring to light the real nature of the various political parties. At the same time an optimistic note of the predominance of healthy human relations is sounded...
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