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Textual Politics in Arabic and American Literature   Saddik Gohar

Textual Politics in Arabic and American Literature

168 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Aiming to reach a state of reconciliation rather than conflict, this book explores areas of overlapping drama between East and West. Breaking new ground in modern world literature and cultural studies by critically investigating common areas of interest which link writers from three different locations, the book probes trans-cultural trajectories and narratives of hegemony rooted in contemporary Arabic, African and American literary production. Confronting totalitarian policies advocated by world-wide repressive agencies and intervening in discourses of Diaspora, exile and identity, the book provides a critical / analytical framework through which the socio-political literature of major American, African and Arabic figures is filtered, in terms of textual politics and structural techniques, in order to open new horizons in the field of comparative literature and pave the way for new research landscapes in contemporary cultural studies.
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