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Language Learning Strategy Use   Alemayehu Getachew Tsegaye

Language Learning Strategy Use

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
English is one of the most important and widely used languages in our planet. However, in a country where it is learned as a foreign language, it is one of a difficult task which is acquired in artificial setting. In addition, these learners are affected by some factors such as learning and teaching strategy as well as by the quality of learning materials. Thus, conducting a research on the area of language learning strategy use can help to solve some of these problems and facilitate teaching-learning process. Therefore, it is believed that this material hoped to provide important information which helps to develop the process of English language learning particularly useful in Ethiopian context. Especially for teachers who are teaching English, and it also offers valuable information to curriculum designer, and material providers. Moreover, the material assists the learner to reflect on their own learning.
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