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Mind style in 'Land of the Yellow Bull'   Mintesnot Gezahegn,Yideg Alemayehu and Tesfaye Meselle

Mind style in 'Land of the Yellow Bull'

128 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Studying mind style in a certain literary piece can encompass the distinctive linguistic presentation, projection of a characteristic world view, and a particular way of perceiving and making sense of the world. This thesis discusses how mind style can serve as a technique of characterization in the novel ‘Land of the Yellow Bull’ by Fikremarkos Desta. What provoked the researcher to deal with such a study is for one thing, the area (mind style) is new and needs further series of investigations by the coming scholars and for the other thing, the novel under investigation is full of a world view that is cut off from the present world to one pattern or another which give rise to an impression of what is called mind style. This can be reflected in any individual or societal orientation. Taking this in to account, four characters’ views as reflected through their speeches and the narrator’s depiction, has been studied to examine and understand how they are characterized in the novel.
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