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Lexicographic Resources in Technical Translation.   Liviana Teodorescu

Lexicographic Resources in Technical Translation.

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The paper is structured as follows: - Firstly, a brief review of the literature on technical translation, specialized dictionaries and lexicography; - Secondly, a description of the methodology used in the translation process; - Thirdly, two excerpts from the source text intended to illustrate by contrast the discrepancy between available, accessible, accurate instruments for a scientific description of geological phenomena and those for a highly technical section dealing with oil wells; - Last, but not least, a few possible recommendations for future petroleum geology specialized dictionaries. The present work also includes the following annexes: - the Romanian- English translation; - a list of technical terms and abbreviations used in this field. The technical translation is done according to several international standards, included in laws: for instance – EN 292-2:1991; EN 62079:2001 (standards) included within laws such as Council of the European Union...
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