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Legal Interpreting   Gabrielle Torpiano

Legal Interpreting

148 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study covers Legal Interpreting in Malta within a court context. A parallel study of developments in the field within the European Union, and of developments on other continents is also made. Legal Interpreting, and more particularly, Court Interpreting, is recognised as a right and protected under Maltese Law. The book comprises a study of this right, and of the legal basis to it, together with an explanation of its vital importance during criminal procedures. This right was recognised under the European Convention of Human Rights, of which Malta is a signatory. The author verifies whether it is respected in practice, and whether the protection provided is sufficient. What safeguards exist to ensure proper interpreting during criminal procedures? As yet, none formally exist under Maltese Law. Interpreting is only considered as an adjunct to the legal profession, and is not recognised as a profession in its own right. As a consequence, court interpreting remains unregulated and...
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