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Common Obstacles In Learning English   Tyonum Msugh Vitalis

Common Obstacles In Learning English

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Learning English as a second language and as a foreign language has been a problem over the years. For this reason, several linguists have researched and identified several factors which limit the successful study of English by non native speakers. These and many other salient reasons have been reviewed in this book, 'Common Obstacles in Learning English'. The book therefore investigates the immediate and remote linguistic factors which impede the smooth learning of English by non native speakers. Some samples of other languages have been investigated to arrive at these analyses. The differences in the alphabetical system culminating to phonology, grammar, syntax and above all, semantics which contradict meaning if used in error are all explored. Owing to the fact that, these challenges cannot be totally erased, the book has, however, recommended ways to curb these learning challenges to a minimal level if well applied and observed.
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