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Pompeii: Under the Sign of Isis   Cinzia Dal Maso

Pompeii: Under the Sign of Isis

170x215 96 страниц. 2013 год.
24 Ore Cultura
Modern Egyptomania was born in Pompeii. In December 1764, the first Egyptian temple Europeans had ever seen was brought to light there: the Temple of Isis. It immediately became the pre-eminent symbol of Egypt, and was visited by men of letters, artists and rulers from all corners of the world. It sparked a wild interest in Egypt, charmingly shaped by fashion, esotericism and Masonic ideas. The influence it exerted upon the imagination in both the visual and literary field was practically boundless. That temple, however, and the worship of the great and omnipresent Isis had already been of great importance in ancient Pompeii. The temple was the only cult building in the city that had been restored prior to the eruption, while all others were still filled with debris from the damage caused by the earthquake or 62 AD. Signs or the popular devotion to Isis are found everywhere in the city: in the many home shrines to the goddess, as well as in the statuettes of the goddess that many had...
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