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Language use and communication of MDGs   Kayum Fokoue Carole

Language use and communication of MDGs

196 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work presents research findings on the role of language use in explaining why Health MDG progress rates have been stagnating in Cameroon. Three regions in Cameroon were selected and questionnaires were administered to health authorities, health personnel and a population of people who had attended a health programme. The research establishes the official languages used in awareness campaigns for health MDGs in Cameroon are not accessible to about 70% of our target population. This entails communication in local languages for the rural population and intra-lingual translation of the material into an appropriate (simpler) register for those with an inadequate knowledge of the official languages. Moreover, in translation/interpretation (rarely done), the message suffers from inadequate translation, lack of appropriate terminology etc. Thus, ultimately, translation cannot replace the use of national languages. Suggestions are made to government, health authorities and personnel...
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