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The Novels of Chaman Nahal- A Study   Pasumarthy Usha Rani

The Novels of Chaman Nahal- A Study

512 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work aims at showing how all the novels of Nahal reveal his deep human concern and his faith in an affirmation of life. From among Nahal’s several themes the ‘Quest’ theme and the ‘Gandhi’ theme are chosen for the enquiry, because they are closely allied. Of these themes, Quest is the oldest and one of the most universal of the themes in world literature. Gandhi is a most risky subject for the historian as well as the writer of fiction, because his is an elusive personality which influenced the lives of millions of people as no other person had done in the recent past, and which could become a theme of epic dimensions. It is thus a challenging task requiring more than the mere analytical capabilities of an author.
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