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La vejez como tema en la novelistica de Gabriel Garcia Marquez   Aracely Esparza

La vejez como tema en la novelistica de Gabriel Garcia Marquez

220 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In presenting old characters, Garcia Marquez establishes a new path —full of alternatives, goals, and opportunities to grow— that makes the readers aware of the need to include old people in the community in a respectful manner. This book demonstrates the significant contributions Garcia Marquez has made in the realistic portrayal of the problems of the aged. The old characters help establish a different set of values to aim for, during old age: joy, independence, and authenticity. Also, Garcia Marquez supports the idea of establishing loving relationships with others. Having a sexual life is an idea that gains importance in Garcia Marquez’s writings as he himself matures and enters old age. Therefore, studying the use of old characters, the problems accompanying old age (health issues, the economy, and family troubles), and the traits that characterize the independent and wise characters in his work, show how Garcia Marquez has contributed to improving the...
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