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Movements in Art Since 1945   Edward Lucie-Smith

Movements in Art Since 1945

150x210 288 страниц. 1972 год.
Thames and Hudson Limited
The history of the visual arts since the war has been extraordinarily complex, and, until now, no good account Book of the subject has been available. Edward Lucie-Smith is one of the ablest and most highly regarded of the younger generation of art critics. In this book he provides a clear, swift-moving narrative in which he discusses all the principal art movements of the past twenty-five years: in England, the United States, France and other countries. He analyses the achievements of the leading artists, describing the tradition from which they sprang and the ideas which prompted each successive change in style. With an unerring sense of historical perspective, he demonstrates the way in which each movement is related to its predecessors, rivals and successors. Edward Lucie-Smith's thesis is that the art which is now being created is essentially a late phase of a movement which beganasearlyas1905, with the Fauves. He sees it as something which has to contend with many...
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