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African Fiction and Quest for a Viable Leadership   Isaac Oluyi

African Fiction and Quest for a Viable Leadership

60 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book takes a cursory look at the causes and effects of leadership problem in Nigeria, nay Africa, using Frank Uche Mowah''s Eating by the Flesh and Chinua Achebe''s Anthills of the Savannah as the launching pads.A close reading of the two novels shows bad leadership as the root cause of the various problems in African society. Military government, the type of leadership that has thrived so long in Africa, comes under the searchlight of Achebe and Mowah in their respective works. The writers blame the military and their collaborators for the backwardness of Africa in almost all spheres of life. This book thus problematises the viability of the options offered by Uche Mowah and Chinua Achebe as a way out of the political quagmire necessitated by bad leadership.
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