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Violence and its types   Shubhanku Kochar

Violence and its types

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The history of Afro-Americans in America is characterized by violence and bloodshed. Since there abduction from their mother land, blacks had to undergo excruciating ordeals; first on middle passage and second in slavery. Even after the abolition of slavery, their life was never easy as dominant culture always tried to marginalize them. This book explores various types of violence that blacks were subjected to in white America not only by Europeans but by their own community members as well. This study endeavors to excavate multi-layers of violence as: Physical, verbal, sexual and psychological. The emphasis is to highlight interracial and intraracial atrocities perpetrated on Afro-Americans with a view to establish losses and gains for both: The Victimizer and The Victimized. Toni Morrison, a well known Afro-American woman writer, exposes the hitherto neglected inner life of black women in America. Her two novels: The Bluest Eye and Beloved are analyzed in depth with above mentioned...
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