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Agonies of the World's Most Humiliated Race   Aloysius Ikechukwu Orjinta

Agonies of the World's Most Humiliated Race

316 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
While I was with you at the University in Munich we used to exchange ideas on issues bothering on Africa, nay Nigeria. Sometimes we had heated debates on why things are the way they are in Africa and why things are to a large extent better in Germany, Europe. Now that I am back in Nigeria, nay Africa, I have taken time to chew and digest the entire problem with Nigeria and Africa. What you will be reading henceforth from me are the multifarious socio-political issues and problems in Africa. Please read these lived experiences of an African as literary, historical, journalistic and cinematographic presentation of life in Nigeria, nay Africa and her contacts with the world beyond. Part of my writing is a complaint to a European youth who shares to some extent in the inhumanities which his ancestors meted out to Africa and the consequences therefrom. Your people have handled us terribly and are still really handling us mercilessly. Actually our problems in Africa are to some extent from...
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