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The Language Question in Africa: Zimbabwe Case Study   Arthur Pascal Takawira Makanda

The Language Question in Africa: Zimbabwe Case Study

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The over reliance by African governments on foreign languages as official, has crippled development of many African countries in a continent endowed with abundant resources. This has resulted in the continent legging behind technologically, scientifically and or otherwise. The debate of language policy and language planning has been dogging the African governments. Language planning and policy formulation is a complex exercise. This book explores and exposes the challenges of language planning and policy formulation in Africa, with specific reference to Zimbabwe. The study revealed the dilemma African Governments face in ‘officializing’ indigenous languages. The book proposes that in a multilingual nation, there is strong need to provide legal recognition to African languages as both official and national languages within country’s constitution. In the book concerns on the status of indigenous languages were raised. The whole freight of African life realities are not conveyed...
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