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Translation and Symbolism: Four-Case Studies of W. B. Yeats   Mehdi Ghobadi

Translation and Symbolism: Four-Case Studies of W. B. Yeats

140 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Symbolism is a late nineteenth century art movement in which everything can be idiosyncratic in many cases. Symbols may have different meanings from era to era, age-to-age, culture to culture and land to land. Since they are personally, conventionally, and arche-typically idiosyncratic, their understanding and consequently their translating cannot an easy work to do. The present descriptive research is an attempt to investigate the renderings of symbolism in four W. B. Yeats’s plays. The present five-part book elaborates on symbolism and translation of Yeats’s four plays from theory into practice in order to identify and examine the translation procedures of symbols in Yeatsian drama translated from English into Farsi. The findings and results may be useful for translators of both English and Persian. It may come of use to those scholars who are interested in literature and culture and those who choose to work on cultural barriers like symbols. It may also have outcome for...
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