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Toni Morrison   Bh. V. N. Lakshmi

Toni Morrison

220 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is very fascinating to know how any one writer can possibly have knowledge of both the genders to bring a fine balance in the creation of men and women characters in their writings as any one gender’s understanding of the other is inherently inhibited. It is possible only to mythical figure Tiresias who chanced to live the life of both sexes. So he is the fitting symbol for any writer who handles man and woman characters with equal dexterity. Tiresias is not only a man who lived the life of a woman by virtue of a curse, but he is also a prophet who can scan the past and future standing on the pedestal of present. Toni Morrison’s achievement is no less significant in this context as she created her characters very distinctly as if she were the creator who is above the trivialities of gender significance. So she can be justly called a black Tiresias.
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