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Bruised Minds And Barren Bodies   Sopan Gove

Bruised Minds And Barren Bodies

108 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mahesh Dattani, a fresh arrival on the Indian dramatic scenario and internationally acclaimed playwright, is known for his conscientious efforts to divulge the burning issues of contemporary Indian society. His plays record the injustice meted out to the women, children, transsexuals, homosexuals and marginalized sections of the society. He writes of taboo themes and traverses the "virgin land" where others dare not to go. Homosexuality is one such taboo area which is prohibited and dismissed as something unnatural and undesirable. But Dattani dares to speak of same-sex relationships and gender issues openly. The predicament of hijjras/eunuchs, homosexuals, lesbians and issues pertaining to sexual identity are the major concerns of his though-provoking plays. He dives deep in their lives and tries to discern their agonies. He bravely explores the queer issue and unfolds the traumatic realities associated with the gays in the context of Indian society. The present book in an attempt to...
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